Barbara Cegavske

I am proud of my accomplishments during my first term. During a second term as Secretary of State, I would like to expand services and complete the many projects initiated during my first term.

Business – Continue working with legislators to improve statutes and regulations relating to business filings. Complete development and implementation of the e-SoS replacement project which will replace and modernize the office’s system for processing of all business filings, searches and notary public registrations.

Elections – Administer a successful 2020 Primary & General Election. Continue to promote voter participation. Enhance voting process and ballot access for military and overseas voters. Continue to work with clerks and registrars of voters in all 17 counties.

Civics Education – Continue outreach to school and local organizations emphasizing the importance of Civics Education.

Securities – Continue the mission of protecting Nevadans from securities fraud by licensing investment professionals, registering securities offerings, and enforcing the state’s securities laws.

Notaries – Modernize the Notary registration system by completing the e-SoS replacement project.

Document Preparation Services – Strengthen the existing processes and statutes. Evaluate staffing and resource needs.

Nevada Lockbox – Will actively promote the Nevada Lockbox, including the Living Will Lockbox for advanced directives and the Guardianship Lockbox.