Melissa Hardy

Melissa Hardy is a native Nevadan. She is a fourth generation Nevadan from the pioneer Stewart family that helped settle the Las Vegas valley in the early 1900s. A graduate from Las Vegas High School, she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel Administration and Business Management from University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV).

Melissa has had a long and successful business career; 10 years as a realtor and 13 years as a small business owner operating a Port of Subs franchise in Henderson.

“Melissa knows first-hand the hard work and long hours it takes to raise a family and operate a business. This is the kind of life-experience we need in Carson City deciding on the issues that face all Nevadans”, said Victoria Seaman, President BBCWPAC. “Her family has long given back to our great state, and we know Melissa will carry her family tradition forward.”

Hardy’s keys issues are jobs, education and government efficiency.

“This endorsement is important to my race because I talk to conservative women every day, and know how important conservative values in Carson City are to women across the state,” said Hardy. “Family values, personal responsibility, and a thriving future for our children are all goals we can work together toward and that will make for a Nevada we can pass on for generations.”